Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do Flowers Dream?

Her body limp, head hung, adrift
Says she, the chrysanthemum
"I remember"
And she closes her eyes

Does she dream? I wonder
Perhaps she does
And she does not hear the pitpatter
Of the rain against the glass

Perhaps she's forgotten the sounds
Of the busy street
Or the businessmen who talk
Forever on cell phones

No longer does she see the shades
Of grey and black
That make up the city

That she now calls her home

"I remember"
Says she, the
"When the wind was sweet
And the grass was blue and green"

"When the sun, in her glory
Would take you away
Underneath her sweet rays
Of golden, meticulous rainbows"

"And I remember
The melody of the rain
Long ago, before she was hidden
behind sheets of glass"

This poem was inspired by Flower for the ps3. I played it today, and I was completely blown away, (no pun intended) by what an amazing piece of visual art it was.


  1. Wow Jessi....just wow. That poem is really wonderful! It just goes to show that inspiration really can come from anywhere :)