Monday, February 23, 2009

Story Time #1

So it has come to my attention that I am a very bad blogger. No, it’s alright, no need to try and make me feel better about it; I know it’s true. Unfortunately my life is rather uninteresting and so trying to write about my daily activities can be tedious at times.

But not to worry; I have come up with the perfect solution! I will simply embellish the details about my life in order to better entertain you, my dear readers. No, I do not intend to lie! I am simply going to write the facts of my life in a way that is more… enjoyable.

And with that, I welcome you to my new blog segment… Story Time.

It was a rather uneventful morning; I was sitting in my sewing room, working very hard and being productive. In just under an hour I had finished sewing 147 Mopey plushies and had over 200 sales on Etsy, (which is actually very slow for me).

I was becoming a bit sleepy due to the tedium of my incredibly slow morning. I lay my head down on my keyboard and drifted into a calm, soothing sleep. Unfortunately, this did not last long as I was rudely awakened several minutes later by radioactive zombies.

I could tell they were radioactive because of the faint, green aura of sludge that surrounded them. Naturally, I tried using my amazing salesmanship instincts to persuade the zombies into purchasing several Mopey plushies for 500 dollars each.

It seemed, however, that these particular gentlemen lacked the sufficient funds to purchase quality handmade goods. In fact, the offer seemed to upset the radioactive zombies and actually sent them into a mad, blind rage.

The maddened zombies then proceeded to devour my brains before mindlessly wandering off again into the streets. This unfortunate turn of events left me rather exhausted, so I decided to take another nap.

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