Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Octos and Chocolates

Hello everyone! Sorry for the inactivity lately. On Friday I am leaving on a trip to Oregon to see the musical Wicked, so most of my energy and finances have gone towards the planning and organization of said trip.

In other news, however, my Octo from Northernista's Blog Giveaway arrived yesterday! (Thank you so much by the way; I love her!) She is so sweet and adorable and delightfully purple! Northernista also included a super-cute hairpin in the package as well!

I haven't thought of a name for her yet, though. Perhaps my lovely readers have a suggestion?

And in other other news, I received my tasty package from blusparrow the other day! I got 8 Sparrow's Eggs and some Chai Tea Latte Popcorn. They were both so tasty! It was difficult to save the chocolates for my boyfriend, but I managed somehow. Although I then proceeded to eat them all at his house anyways, leaving him with nothing.

They also came in such adorable little boxes! With cute ribbons and decorative paper flowers. Blusparrow was also incredibly kind, considerate and offered absolutely wonderful customer service. If anyone is looking for some delectable treats, I would highly recommend her shop!